Box Office: Vince Vaughan Drops Another Bomb While Catching Fire Breaks Records

November 25, 2013 12:48 AM

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Box Office: Vince Vaughan Drops Another Bomb While Catching Fire Breaks Records

Vince Vaughn seems like he’d be a good guy to have a beer with and I kind of respect the fact that he can just show up somewhere in his street clothes and make millions for reading a few lines and making a few confused faces. But I also haven’t seen his last four or five movies because they all looked terrible. Not even terrible, actually, just incredibly mediocre, which is so much worse. And so goes America, it seems, because Delivery Man earned just $8.2 million this weekend, less than half of The Internship‘s opening, which wasn’t so hot to begin with. In its defense, Vince Vaughn’s core audience of teen girls were probably off watching Catching Fire.

You see? This is what Hollywood gets for not listening to our Vince Vaughn movie ideas. Come on, people! Resident Dadvisor was gold!

Elsewhere, and I hate to relegate this to second-place news, but The Hunger Games: Catching Fire opened to an estimated $161.1 million, the best opening ever for November. Depending on how much the actual numbers (as opposed to the early estimates, which is what these are) change tomorrow afternoon, it could be the fourth highest opening ever, and the best opening ever for a movie not showing in 3D. But let’s be honest, we knew this was coming. The first Hunger Games opened with $152 million, and the second one had the benefit of being both the highly anticipated sequel and a much better movie (my review).

‘s debut ranks behind and , all of which had the added benefit of 3D ticket pricing. The previous record-holder for a 2D-only movie is last Summer’s ($160.9 million). ‘s estimate is less than $250,000 ahead of, though, and there’s a good chance it winds up lower when actuals report on Monday. []

With all this success, Jennifer Lawrence is probably just going to get an even bigger head, and at this rate she’ll never marry me. If I’m ever going to have a chance, she’s going to need something that significantly lowers her self-esteem. Like maybe she loses an arm in an accident. I could deal with that.


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