India and China Weaken Carbon Emission Agreement

November 25, 2013 1:20 PM

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Global warming has been an issue from past many years across the world. The new report states that India and China have got success in weakening the agreement over control of global warming. This has created distances between two developing countries and other developing nations.

Smoke coming out of the factories, burning of coal and wastes coming of nuclear plants are some of the factors responsible for the cause of global warming. Global warming is basically caused by an increase in level of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other harmful gases in the atmosphere.

Global warming is also held responsible for the change in climatic conditions. Instead of doing fake promises regarding roll back of fossils at the United Nations conference, the two countries insisted for single-word changes for deal.

India had China signed up for `contributions' at the conference, which includes 190 Nations on November 23th. They stood up for more flexible ways in their actions towards the growth of the country.

In the conference, India and China showed their reluctance to join the sort of emissions cuts presented by the European Union. This friction puts the two developing countries on the side of other developing countries.


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