London woman allegedly held captive for 30 years professed love to neighbor, begged him not to help her 

November 24, 2013 5:53 PM

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London woman allegedly held captive for 30 years professed love to neighbor, begged him not to help her 

Letter written from London captivity revealed alleged captors were ‘absolutely evil and racist’ and she was ‘trapped in a spider’s web.’ She said she was afraid they would kill both of them if he tried to rescue her.

A 30-year-old woman London authorities say was held prisoner for her entire life became infatuated with a neighbor she barely knew but begged her "beloved" not to rescue her for fear that her captors would kill them both.

As one of three victims rescued from a South London home last week, she described in a letter her love for 26-year-old neighbor Marius Feneck and also the torturous environment she had to endure, according to the Sunday Express in London.

In the letter, the woman says she had been held captive her entire life by two "absolutely evil and racist" people she said were not her parents. She told her imagined love she was "trapped in a spider's web" and all the doors and windows were locked in the home.

She wrote she was "absolutely terrified to do anything in case these evil criminals do something to you."

"I feel angry, fit to burst," she wrote. "I apologise (sic) to you from the bottom of my heart for the evil action of these crooks who dare to call themselves my relatives. I hate them. I suffer unspeakable torment yet every bit is worth it to keep my beloved safe."

Authorities rescued a 57-year-old Irish woman, a 69-year-old Malaysian woman, 69, and the 30-year-old from the house last week after an unnamed person tipped them off. Police said the victims endured beatings and were brainwashed by two 67-year-olds whose identities have not been released, according to the London Evening Standard.

The suspects are free on bail pending a January court date and the victims - who authorities said may have been held there for 30 years - are being treated, the Express reported.

"She was a nice girl but very odd," he said. "She thought we were lovers, and she could be quite intimidating.

The woman also references an incident when her captors saw them speak. She said she felt her life was not worth living if she allowed them to harm Feneck.

"I begged them that horrible night not to tear us apart, but they said they would harm you if I don't promise to stay away from you," she wrote. "Nothing I said or did made any difference. And then they imprisoned me here, locking all the doors and windows. I can't get out on my own. The place is crawling with them. I daren't try anything because I know they will do something evil to you if I do. … I would do anything, go through anything to keep you safe. I love you."

The letter was left in Feneck's door along with "weird" photographs of her taken in her apartment, he told the Express. The pictures included her sitting on a chair in a scarcely furnished room with her head bowed slightly and a forlorn look on her face, as well as a picture of her cradling a Santa Claus doll and writing on the back of the picture that it was her "baby," the Express reported.

"I never saw her leave the estate on her own, she would complain to me that she was a prisoner because her parents locked her in at night, she told me the windows and the doors were sealed tight," Feneck told the Express. "The older couple, the heads of the family, were very quiet and very secretive. They didn't say much."

Feneck said he talked to the woman occasionally in the back of the building and that he sometimes saw the alleged male captor walk with an elderly woman that he kept at the house through the neighborhood and deliver pizza leaflets to peoples' homes.

The police department did inform the Lambeth Social Services office of the house 15 years ago when they discovered the 30-year-old woman, then 15, was not attending school, but the department did not react, the Express reported.


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