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Vegetarian Diet Plays A Vital Role In Lowering Your Cholesterol

August 30, 2017 9:57 AM
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A vegetarian diet has some health benefits associated with it due to which its consumption is recommended by many health experts. Many people opt for vegetarian diet during their weight loss journey. Similar to the non-vegetarian diet, the vegetarian diet is also packed with essential nutrients which can lower down the cholesterol. After reviewing 50 studies it was found that vegetarian diet is a healthy option and does not add to the cholesterol.

The vegetarian diet which excludes meat, egg and poultry products is the healthiest option. For the study, the team led by the Dr. Yoko Yokoyama from Keio University consumed a vegetarian diet for almost 1 month. It was seen that people who consumed vegetarian diet have 29.2 milligrams less cholesterol than the non-vegetarian. It was seen that people who eat plant-based diet along with meat have lower cholesterol levels by 12.5 milligrams.

People who consume vegetarian diet consume more fruits, vegetables, nuts which can maintain a number of saturated fats in our body. Due to the low amount of saturated fats and cholesterol the risk of heart disorders is also reduced. The high amount of cholesterol is present in the food products like meat, dairy products, eggs and others. The diet which excludes the food stuffs like meat products and include the food rich in plant protein also have low blood pressure. Some studies have shown that the heavy meat consumption is also linked with high blood pressure.

Hence the people having a family history of heart disease should consume more leafy vegetables also have the lower risk of cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Hence the food products like oats, barley, beans, leafy vegetables, nuts, soy should be consumed in large amount to protect yourself from deadly diseases.

Replacing the animal protein with plant protein is necessary to lower down the cholesterol levels. Hence the individuals who are planning for weight loss should avoid all the meat-based products which can increase the level of saturated fats and the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.


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